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American Optimism

June 10-July 29 2016

OPENING RECEPTION FRIDAY JUNE 10...from 5:00 to 8:00

Able Baker Contemporary would like to introduce its June-July group show, American Optimism. Living in the United States, and experiencing the privileges and trials that go along with this status, it is easy to look at the culture we are immersed in and feel a sense of depletion and helplessness. There is no practical way to get around implicating one's self in the tangle of capitalist imperialism, and the simplest way for the artist to react to this predicament is with bitterness and sarcasm. What happens, though, when the artist sets aside negativity and anger and instead looks at American consumer culture with an open, curious, and generous spirit?

American Optimism features seven artists whose work is motivated by this generosity of expression, working across a spectrum of responses to this theme. Participating artists are: Kathy Bradford, Philip Brou, Jarid del Deo, Adam Eddy, Mark Gibson, Heidi Hahn, and David Humphrey. There will also be several historical pieces in the exhibit.

The dates of the show are June 10-July 29, with an artists' reception on June 10. We hope you can join us.

Philip Brou

Philip Brou

oil on panel