• hours

    Due to COVID 19, Able Baker will be re-opening with limited hours. The new hours are Fridays & Saturdays, 4-6pm. You are welcome to stop by during these hours, or to make an appointment via email.

  • about

    Able Baker Contemporary is an artist-run gallery with an open curatorial structure.

    We offer a continually-changing series of group shows, most of which are proposed by local and regional artists and curators. An important focus of Able Baker is our ongoing "Artist-in-Context Series", in which artists assemble thematically or formally precise group shows that include their own work. This advances our mission of giving artists agency in the curatorial process, thereby engaging with the arts community from the perspective of those who are committed to an active and thoughtful studio practice. Another important part of Able Baker's mission is to give a significant voice to contemporary artists from our region (specifically Maine, and extending to Northern New England), in conversation with national and international contemporary and historical work. We are, at heart, a bunch of painting nerds.

    Able Baker is currently lead by co-directors Tessa G. O'Brien & Annika Earley. Our two founders, Stephen Benenson and Hilary Irons, are both painters who have been based in Portland (on and off) for over a decade. Everyone at Able Baker is an artist volunteer. We are dedicated to maintaining active studio practices as well as providing curatorial and administrative structure for Able Baker.

    Able Baker Contemporary is located at 29 Forest Avenue, Portland, Maine, 04101...on the Portland Stage block, and within 300 yards of the PMA, MECA, Space Gallery, and Space Studios.

  • submit proposals

    Able Baker welcomes submissions!

    We accept proposals from artists, curators, and other kinds of thinkers. We do not represent individual artists, but instead work directly with the arts community to assemble thoughtful and thought-provoking group shows.

    If you have an idea, please email us:
    - a 500-word max. curatorial statement
    - a list of 3-10 artists you want to show (including your own work if applicable) along with relevant images of their work. Think of this as a wishlist. Historic and contemporary artists are welcome.

    Please do not send information about your own artwork or studio practice outside of the context of a group show proposal. Submissions of this kind will not be reviewed. Also be aware that our mission is to include a strong local voice in every show, in conversation with contemporary artists from away, as well as historical work. Proposals must include the work of artists from our area (Maine as a whole, the greater Portland area, and sometimes other areas in Northern New England), in a significant way.

    We accept proposals on a rolling basis and review proposals roughly every other month. We will confirm that we received your proposal and let you know when the next review session is.

    Relatedly, we are an artist-run gallery and are always grateful for volunteers and other collaborators. Please be in touch if working with us is of interest to you.

    Please note: we are currently scheduling the 2022 season

    Send your submission proposals to: ablebakercontemporary (at) gmail (dot) com