exhibitions > The Pilgrim's Progress (12/9 16- 1/20 17)

For Able Baker's December-January show, The Pilgrim's Progress, we will present artwork made by people for whom a sincere approach to religion and/or spirituality is integrated into both life and creative practice. Devotion and spiritual belief take forms as diverse as the people who hold these beliefs, but the number of contemporary visual artists who prioritize spiritual life is relatively small. The artists represented in The Pilgrim's Progress all follow their convictions with an honesty that shapes and expands the boundaries of their art-making practices. The resulting artwork is meditative, narrative, contemplative, and strange.

Artists include:

Jon Blatchford
Flynn Donovan
Peter Flynn Donovan
Elizabeth Jabar
Daniel Johnston
Haley Josephs
Antone Könst
Richard Brown Lethem
Shon Mahoney
Michael Waterman

historical work by Albrecht Dürer (print) and the United Society of Believers in Christ's Second Appearing (historical reproductions of Shaker Gift Drawings)

The show will run from December 9 (opening reception 5-8) to January 20.