exhibitions > Right Side Out: the Modern Self-Portrait (8/18 - 9/30 17)

Right Side Out presents the work of contemporary and historical artists, working with the theme of the self-portrait. The visualization of one's self has become increasingly personal, meaningful, and contentious in recent history. Each piece in this exhibition offers one solution to the problem of how the artist can present a deep and unique vision of self--unified, fractured, or otherwise--to a world that is increasingly mired in the spectacle of superficial self-presentation; we are interested in the alternative model these artists are proposing. Right Side Out features a large group of artists working within a diverse set of visual modes, with the goal of presenting a cacophonous harmony of voices. (August 18-September 30, 2017)

* including *

Sigmund Abeles
Sachiko Akiyama
Philip Brou
Angela Dufresne
Maria Guzmán Capron
Susanna Coffey
Drea Cofield
Bill Elmore
Chelsea Gibson
Catherine Graffam
Greg Jamie
Baxter Koziol
Doron Langberg
Richard Lewis
Sam Messer
Mario Moore
Jeremy Okai Davis
Lisa Pixley
Mary Reid Kelley
Meghan Samson
Devan Shimoyama

* with historical work by *

Horst Janssen
Kathe Kollwitz
Pablo Picasso
Raphael Soyer

Philip Brou
graphite on paper
Maria Guzmán Capron 
fabric, batting, thread, latex paint, spray paint
w52"xH54"x D6"
Sachiko Akiyama
The Blue of Distance
wood, paint, steel
33” x 11” x 68”