exhibitions > Shift (9/27-11/1/2019

Curated by Tracy McKenna
September 27-November 1, 2019

It started with The Matrix. Well, no, that’s not exactly right. It started before that, with an election process that went from crazy to unbelievable to the 1930s, and then swung back out to our present time of parallel worlds and bent truths. So, yeah, back to The Matrix. Do you take the red pill and reveal a hidden world? Or do you take the blue pill and stay safe in your thoughts? The truth has been more than bent, it's become distorted to such an extent that a funhouse mirror would reflect the world more accurately than some news outlets.

The multigenerational artists of Shift use reflections, imperfect symmetry and pairs, and mirroring. They explore the difference between simulacrum and verisimilitude to reveal their hidden truths. Whether it’s personal identity, environmental issues, or a deep dive into craft, something is skewed. Something is just a little bit off. Something significant has shifted in their portrayals and our perceptions. There’s a hint of mystery and a portal into an alternate world. It’s not magic, it’s there in front of us if we choose to see it.

(Tracy McKenna, 2019)

Paolo Arao
Caetlynn Booth
Carl D’Alvia
Elise Ferguson
Catherine Haggarty
Jen Hitchings
Rose Marasco
Emily Mullin
Jason Rohlf
Emilie Stark-Menneg