exhibitions > happy agitation (1/31/20 - 3/15/20)

happy agitation
Curated by Chris Patch
January 31 - March 15

happy agitation pulls together a diverse group of artists, working in various media including painting, sculpture, performance and printmaking. Many of the works share an initial playful or seductive appearance. Upon further inspection, they resist categorization, and subvert both aesthetic and cultural expectations of the viewer. Contrasting visions of incongruity, transience and instability permeate the collection, conjuring feelings of curiosity, discomfort, and intrigue. Taken together, they are a meditation on anxiety, emotional upheaval, and the transgression of convention and boundaries in our cultural moment, inside and outside the world of art.

This exhibition allows you to become a little uncomfortable and a bit more inquisitive through examinations of the figure/identity, socio-political/psychological satire, abstraction/landscape, the associative power of repetition, color and materials…Can pastels be creepy? Can bright, vivid colors convey melancholy? What becomes evident when peeling back the layer of undergrowth or peering behind the vernacular facade?

Bianca Beck
Nancy Ford
James Guy
Valerie Hegarty
Bridget Mullen
Jim Nutt
Chris Patch
Colin J Radcliffe
Claire Sherman
Rufus Tureen